Ross Grieve – Urban Approach 15 and a puppy challenge

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Small but MIGHTY

The Urban Approach 15

Ross Grieve 3

Ross Grieve, New Zealand born photographer has been mastering his art for over 20 years. Ross now resides in the beautiful rolling countryside of Pembrokeshire in Wales. He is an accomplished photographer who has won many awards including UK Pet Photographer and Welsh Master Fashion & Portrait Photographer, and recently Welsh Master Press & PR Photographer of the Year. He is also a passionate Street Photographer. Ross has travelled to far-flung parts around the world on assignment including Thailand, The Maldives, Ras Al Khaimah, Japan, Sweden and Australia.

Since becoming an Ambassador for Panasonic, he has won yet more awards and is leading the way in 4K & 6K Photography. Ross’ fun filled, action packed photograph of a water fight included his three children who have since become the face of the GH4 campaign in Europe. Ross was one of two photographers involved in the Lumix GH5 global campaign. Check out the film here

He has used many of Think Tank Photo’s products over the years and for over a year now he has been using the Think Tank Photo Urban Approach 15. Have a read of what he thinks of the bag and see how much he manages to fit in this bag. First though, check out a few of Ross’ great pics!

Ross Grieve 2

Ross Grieve 6

Ross Grieve

Here is what Ross thinks of the Urban Approach 15…

I have been using Think Tank products for many years, I used to use the Thinktank Airport International V2 for all of my DSLR kit. When I made the transition to Mirrorless cameras and the Panasonic Lumix system I needed something smaller, stronger, and just as robust to give me the protection to my equipment that I have had with the Think Tank Photo Airport International. Furthermore I wanted something that was discrete and durable.

I saw the Think Tank Photo Urban Approach 15 and I thought I’d give it a try. At first glance it looks small; but surprisingly it had the capacity to carry my 15 inch MacBook Pro, plus all of my other equipment comfortably.

It looks like an ordinary backpack, which is something I like straight away. I don’t want to draw attention to myself when I have this on my back especially when I am in a city.

TIP: In busy cities use a cable tie to lock your bag, it’s more discreet than a padlock


When you open the Urban Approach 15 you will be surprised by the variety of space options that you can have in such a streamlined bag. The simple velcro system allows you to configure the compartments to suit your needs. In my opinion the best features are: the loop on the back, allowing me to slip the Urban Approach over the handle of my main luggage bag, which is very useful at any airport or train station; the chest clip for added comfort; the easy access zip pocket at the front, which is great for business cards and passports; and obviously, the flexibility of the customisable sections, which protect my equipment.

Is it durable? Yes very. Since I have been using it for about 18 months, it still feels snug to wear. It has been used in variety of environments and in all weather, and there is no damage.  A rain proof cover is supplied with the bag.
Therefore, the Urban Approach is the ideal bag to transport your camera equipment safely, and it caters for all eventualities- a coastal walk, over seas travel, sport events, street photography, the list goes on.

So, what can you fit into this little gem?

This is the contents of my photography bag. I think you will agree I can get quite a lot in a small amount of space, without compromising any protection of my equipment.

Ross Grieve 4

The list for this shot is:

  1. Two Passports
  2. Joby Gorilla Pod
  3. Business Cards
  4. Lens Wipes
  5. Charging Cable
  6. HPRC SD Card Case
  7. Battery Chargers
  8. Leica 100-400mm Lens
  9. Lumix 12-35mm Lens
  10. Leica Nocticron 42.5mm Lens
  11. Leica 12mm Lens
  12. Think Tank Powerhouse Pro (Sold Separately)
  13. Lumix GH5 with a Leica 12-60mm Lens and a Eddy Cam Strap
  14. Spare Batteries
  15. Lumix GX8 with a Leica 15mm Lens
  16. Notebook and pens
  17. MacBook Pro 13 inch

Ross Grieve 5

For further information or to purchase the

Think Tank Photo Urban Approach 15 click here.

The saying “don’t work with children and animals” springs to mind…

So, photographing pets can be challenging. Especially puppies. All they want to do is play. So my idea was to get the shot as quickly as possible. Now not having a dog should be taken into account. I have a lazy cat.
So I was asked to photograph Ebony, a 12 week old black Labrador, who is very very active, and runs around like she has just been fed a bowl of sugar.
My genius idea was to set the lights up so she would run through them, and I would hold a treat for her to have and run towards. The first run Ebony took no notice and just ran about sniffing the studio. The second run was not much different, but she did get the treat off me. This sparked added enthusiasm from Ebony. The third run she run full pelt straight at me, just before she got to me she put the brakes on. But being a wood floor it was as good as skiing on ice. She slid straight into the camera, taking it out. But she was happy she got her treat and I got my shot. The shot went on to win UK Pet Photographer of the Year.
Ross Grieve Dog Pic

If you would like to know more about Ross, you can find him on:

Workshops –

Ross runs a number of beginner, intermediate and advanced workshops.  One to one sessions are available on request and tailored to your requirements.
For further information on his workshops visit –





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