Snapperstuff is the sole UK and Ireland Distributor for these brands:

  • Think Tank Photo™ – specialist photographic camera bags and accessories
  • MindShift Gear™ – photography backpacks which revolutionise how you work in the field
  • FLM™ – precision ball heads, carbon fibre tripods & monopods
  • Lightech™ – compact, lightweight, portable softboxes & stands
  • LumiQuest™ – strobist light modifiers

Snapperstuff is an Authorised Retailer for these brands:

  • Green Clean™ – camera, computer & optics cleaning solutions
  • Peak Design™ – quick connecting Capture Clip, Leash & Cuff straps

Based in the UK, we supply our products to a network of Authorised Retailers (Dealers) and specialist photographic outlets. We also sell the full range of products online here(Button links for these ‘Retailers’ and ‘Products’ pages can be found on the left of this page.)

Working closely with our network of Authorised Retailers, we provide regular training and point of sale material to help guide you, the photographer, in choosing the ‘right’ products to meet your specific needs:

  • Photo shoot requirements
  • Carry & storage solutions
  • Physical limitations to the photographer
  • Provide full product support after purchase

Our product ranges have been developed not only with the needs of professionals in mind, but for photographers of all levels and abilities.

Widely used by professional photographers, videographers and multimedia specialists under rigorous conditions, our products have been designed to perform to very high standards, and offer a range of solutions for the photographer’s differing needs.

Founded by a professional photographer, Snapperstuff has a unique understanding of the needs of the fast changing photographic industry. Understanding the needs of the photographer – from amateurs to pros – means we can provide essential support to the photographer to help provide the right solutions for carrying, storing and working with your camera gear.

Snapperstuff also exhibits with the Bigger Picture Roadshow and other large Photographic Exhibitions, with a team of Product Specialists on board to help guide you in finding the right solutions for you.

You can find out more about when and where these events are happening here on our Blog.

You’ll also find features on photographers using our products as well as other news and views, which may help you in deciding which bag or accessory is right for you. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook and we always welcome your feedback in order to improve our service to you.

Snapperstuff and Snapperstuff.com are the trading names of Snapperstuff Limited.