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Here’s some simple tips from The Gadget Scientist on how to shoot better portraits of kids:

The Gadget Scientist is a visual & easy to read Guide to using your Digital Camera whatever the size. This guide has been written for both point-and-shoot compact and DSLR cameras. Containing 216 pages this guide is packed full of hundreds of easy to understand colour illustrations and photos.

  • Did you received a new camera for Christmas and not sure how to work it?
  • Know someone who wants know how to use their digital camera to take better pictures?
  • Are you feeling a bit lost or disappointed with your holiday and family photos?
  • If so, I think we have the answer !

The Gadget Scientist Guide to Using Your Digital Camera will help you take better pictures:

  • identify the buttons, dials and settings on your camera
  • take better photos even with AUTO mode
  • use advanced camera settings
  • fix common photo mistakes
  • learn tips and tricks used by professional photographers
  • enjoy taking photos

When can I buy it?

Lighting The Gadget Scientist

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Ian Pack and Paul Noble are working with Mark Burton – author of The Gadget Scientist™ – to produce a series of videos to promote his superb book.

Ian has blogged about the lighting set up they have used: “See how I developed the lighting for Mark’s PTC (Piece To Camera) shot in Paul’s studio. I chose to use Rosco Lightpads exclusively because they are quick to set up, energy efficient, daylight colour balanced and cool running so consequently do not cook the talent!”

Mark Burton author of The Gadget Scientist
Mark Burton author of The Gadget Scientist

Read more about the lighting set up here: LIGHTING THE GADGET SCIENTIST™

Click here to get a copy of The Gadget Scientist™