Dom Bower gets his new orbis !!

Dom Bower was just too excited to get dressed before telling everyone about his new orbis ring flash:

You can see more from Dom on his blog:

a cool orbis portrait in three steps… anywhere, everytime

A cool Orbis™ portrait in three steps… anywhere, every time…

Find out how by clicking on the Orbis™ logo below…

orbis™ ring flash episode 005 – Nikon CLS setup

The basics of setting up Nikon’s Wireless “Creative Lighting System” using a Nikon D90 and an SB800. With some examples of off-camera flash photos with and without the orbis™ ring flash. The pop-up flash on the D70, D70S, D80, D90, D200, D300 and D700 can all be used to fire Nikon flashes wirelessly, check your manual for details.

All of these have a similar setup screen that you’ll see in this video, except the D70 and D80. There’s a Nikon online help topic to find out more here: . Thanks to Anita, the model, from for her help.