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25 years ago, Quest Couch and Heidi Kenny were operating Quest Productions, a company specialising in high-end corporate multimedia.

The still photography required for this type of work necessitated fast setups on location, under a variety of circumstances. These demands led to the development of the LumiQuest line of flash accessories.

“From our very first designs, the emphasis was on simple light modifiers that worked, rather than gimmicks that would sell.”

This mission has led to over 25 different devices designed to solve real lighting problems in the field.

“All of our light modifiers serve specific purposes by combining the photographers’ needs with the basic laws of physics to create simple, effective accessories that work. We continue to listen to photographers’ problems and share their vision … to help them create images that are beyond their wildest dreams.”


October 2010 saw the launch of the UltraStrap – the most secure non-adhesive flash accessory mounting strap ever manufactured.

Ultra Strap (below)

LQ-126 UltraStrap 02
The patented marriage of neoprene and Velcro® loop results in a strap that applies a constant 3 lb. (1.36kg) tension to the flash with a non skid surface. The rugged UltraStrap attaches to most flashes in seconds to provide a secure attachment point for all LumiQuest accessories.
David Hobby (Strobist):


“LumiQuest is proud of their new Ultra Straps, and wants to put one of the stretchy, grippy mod mounts in every bag. Oh, and if you have not tried one of these yet, you are gonna like it.”

 Joe McNally:
“The LumiQuest Ultra Strap is the most secure way of attaching a light shaper to a small flash I’ve come across … it really works …” 

2012 saw the launch of 3 new kits which include the FXtra compact gel holder & coloured gels as well as the UltraStrap:

Strobist® Kit (below)

Strobist® Kit offers the “go to” flash modifiers of David Hobby ( Included in this Kit are the LumiQuest SoftBox IIIFXtra and two UltraStraps.

LQ-132 Strobist Kit 01

Wedding / Event Kit (below)

Included in this kit are the LumiQuest Quik Bounce,FXtra and UltraStrap – which are the perfect trio for fast moving photographers covering weddings and events.

LQ-134 Wedding Event Kit 01

Location / Portrait Kit (below)

Compact enough to take on location, yet equally at home in your studio. The products included in this Kit offer the photographer many options for shooting portrait type work on location. The Kit includes the SoftBox IIISnoot XTRFXtra and two UltraStraps.

LQ-136 Location Portrait Kit 01

For 2013 the NEW…

READY FOR ANYTHING KIT (below) is here:

The NEW Ready For Anything Kit includes the ProMax SystemFXtra (compact gel holder & gels) and UltraStrap.

LQ-135 Ready For Anything Kit 01

Help for Heros – Snapperweb

We at Snapperstuff have donated a special Think Tank Photo Goodie bag to Snapperweb (aka “Fleet Street” photographers) for their Christmas charity auction in aid of:

Help for Heros

Think Tank Photo 5th Anniversary competition

Grand Prize

The Grand Prize winning-photographer will receive the $5,000 cash prize. The judges will select the one best photo from all photos submitted into the four categories: (1) What does urban, gritty, or edgy mean to you?; (2) The most creative, interesting, or unique “What’s In Your Bag” shot; (3) The most creative, interesting, or unique shot of photographers wearing/using Think Tank gear; (4) Any photo the entrant believes portrays Think Tank Photo’s “Be Ready ‘Before the Moment’” theme.

2nd Prize

The best photograph submitted for each of the four categories wins a Think Tank Photo Airport International V2.0 roller. Plus, the photographer of the image receiving the most votes by the public wins an Airport International V2.0 roller.

3rd Prize

The second best photograph submitted for each of the four categories wins an Urban Disguise 50 shoulder bag. This large capacity bag holds more gear than you ever imagined, and a 15.4” laptop!

4th Prize

The third best photograph submitted for each of the four categories wins a StreetWalker photo backpack. Designed for use in urban and crowded environments, this slim, lightweight backpack is sized as an international travel carry-on.

5th Prize

Five Honorable Mention winners will be selected for each of the four categories. They win a Pixel Pocket Rocket CF card holder. Store 10 memory cards in a small, compact package that fits easily in your pocket or attaches to your belt or bags.

DEADLINE = 30 November 2010 @ 11:59 pm (PST)