Think Tank Photo Airport International – Rolling Around with Richard Washbrooke

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Think Tank Photo Airport International

Rolling Around with Richard Washbrooke

Image .9

Richard Washbrooke is a self taught freelance photographer since 2010. Richard has been a Think Tank Photo fan for years and is a great brand ambassador; so we thought who better to tell you about the bag, than someone who uses the bag day in, day out!

“Photography is my passion – life captured in a split second. Every image is a unique expression of a moment in time. I’m constantly looking for that special moment to capture, share and immortalise”

Richard has an array of experience within sports, weddings, portraits, PR, theatre, architecture and construction, commercial, travel and events.

Image 7.2 Jarvis – Gleneagle Manor

Image 7.4MNP – 55VS, London

Image 7.3Louis de Soissons – HR Owen, Ferrari, Knightsbridge

 So, what does Richard think of the Airport International roller bag?

“One of the main areas that I photograph is the architecture and building industry. A lot of my clients are based in London and to get around I find using the train and underground the best method. The rolling Airport International V2 bag I use comes into its own here, and fits all my camera equipment that I need for the job. The bag is the size of a small suitcase, very mobile with the wheels which makes it ideal for getting through rush hour with my gear. So a perfect combination. I have been using the Airport International for a few years now and has taken many bumps and been wheeled on very uneven surfaces and it still does not show any signs of wear. All of the zips still work. The two areas that could go wrong are the handle and wheels, but they’re user changeable. My new wheels have improved the performance of the bag and the handle still performs well considering the weight it can be rolling “.

How much gear does Richard pack?

Well, this much…

Image 2

Richard Washbrooke's Airport International gear fit

  • EOS 1Dx
  • EOS 7D mk11
  • EF 16-35 F2.8
  • EF 70-200 F2.8
  • EF 85 F1.8
  • EF x1.4
  • Sigma 12-24
  • Batteries
  • Flash 580EX
  • Pocket Wizards
  • Hahnel Capture
  • Memory Cards
  • Flachbender
  • Power Port
  • Remote Cable
  • Syrp
  • Polarizer
  • The Pod
  • Leatherman

Check out how Richard packs his bag on the YouTube video:


The new Airport International V3

The new Airport International V3 roller now has an integrated laptop and tablet compartment and continues to incorporate the user changeable wheels and handles.

Want to know more about the Airport International V3? Click here

Watch out if Richard’s about, you might lose a toe…

“I find rush hour can be fun when I have my bag. A lot of people do not look where they are going. They push in, always rush rush, so I keep the bag tight to me when rolling. Occasionally people will get too close and try to cut across you behind and not see the bag and it will run over a foot… the pain on their face. Perhaps we should have bright colour bags?!”

If you want to see more of Richard’s work, take a look at the following…

Or find him on…

IG_Glyph_Fill          TwitterLogo_#55acee          Logo-2C-128px-TM

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