Think Tank Photo: NEW Modular Components & Guide (part 1)

Think Tank Photo launched their new range of Modular Components at the end of last year, and we were very excited to give them their first major showing at Focus on Imaging 2012.

You can see the full new range by clicking here:
NEW Modular Components.

As well as the individual items two sets are available – a Modular™ Component V2 Set and a Modular™ Skin V2 Set – and the price of these will provide you with savings in comparison to buying each item in the set individually.

Modular™ Component V2 Set

Modular™ Skin V2 Set

What is a modular component system and who uses it?

Think Tank Photo’s Modular Component System Guide gives some excellent advice on their integrated workflow system for professional photographers worldwide.

It covers: key features of the Modular, Skin and Multimedia components, storage vs. active shooting, set ups for different categories of photography, how to choose the correct belt, harness or components for you.

You can download a PDF of it here:

Please note that while the Modular Component references in this guide are those of version 1 products, the replacement version 2 products will provide you with the same quality that you expect from Think Tank Photo, but with some added features and some new sizes!

Part 2 to follow next week…

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