My gear’s too heavy: how can I spread the weight? part 2

‘The photo kit I have is heavy! It is too heavy to be supported around the neck!’

Wearing camera gear around your neck and over your shoulders for prolonged periods, may cause you aches and pains and eventually damage your neck and, or back…

For times when you need to carry camera equipment on your body a one good solution is to spread the weight across your body using a combination of belt and harness with pouches attached for your camera equipment.

For those of you who need a light weight solution with minimum bulk, the Think Tank Photo belt, harness and pouch system could be what you are looking for.

See: My gear’s too heavy: how can I spread the weight? part 1

Here I am on the Think Tank Photo stand at the PDN Photo Plus Show 2010, New York, USA helping a customer find the right carry solution for his gear:

Photo Plus Show 2010, New York, USA
Photo Plus Show 2010, New York, USA

You may also find that you hunch one of your shoulders to stop your camera slipping off…

…if you do, then you may find the Think Tank Photo Camera Support Straps™ and Camera Strap™ are the solutions for you (in addition to the belt, harness and pouch system):

Camera Strap & Camera Support Straps
Camera Strap™ & Camera Support Straps™
  • The Pixel Racing Harness™ is then clipped onto one of the belts in the Think Tank Photo range: Skin belt™, Pro Speed Belt™ or Steroid Speed Belt™, and your choice of pouches can be added to the belt.
  • The Camera Support Straps™ then clip onto the ‘O’ rings of the Camera Strap™, so you can hang your camera in front of you and adjust the height to suit. This way the weight of the gear is spread across the harness system rather than around your neck.
Camera Support Strap connects to Camera Strap
Camera Support Strap™ connects to Camera Strap™
  • When you add pouches to the belt, and lengthen the Camera Support Straps™ you can then rest the lens in one of the pouches, again helping to spread the weight more around the harness system and your torso, and prevent the camera swinging from side to side when you are trekking.

Below is a summary of the specific products mentioned and links to our Snapperstuff website for more product info:

T017 Pixel Racing Harness™ v2 – can attach to all version 2 belts in the TTP range
Skin Belts™
– webbing belt with no padding
Pro Speed Belts™ – lightly padded belt
Steroid Speed Belts™ – wide padded belt provides extra support
T255 & T256 Camera Strap™ – in black/blue or black/grey
T257 Camera Support Straps™ – (pair of) hang on harness & backpacks & attach Camera Straps to spread weight of camera

Look out for Part 3 coming soon with more suggestions to spread the weight of your gear…

by Helen Atkinson