12th Man project – Joe Toth needs your help

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The idea of the 12th Man project is one that I have been contemplating for sometime. I have always wanted to shoot sports fans in a portrait type setting instead of the stadiums you see them in.

After working at the World Cup this summer in South Africa, the idea was firmly cemented in my head and I knew it was something I needed to do. The emotion of the fans in South Africa, whether their team won or lost was amazing. I found myself connecting with these people and wanting to make amazing pictures of them, even if they never saw the images.

Back in the United Kingdom and wanting to get the project started, I realised that financially I could not accomplish this on my own. With the cost of travel and studio hire, lighting, I needed to raise funds.
I found the website www.kickstarter.com and thought that this might be the way to go. Kickstarter allows you to raise funds for almost any sort of artistic project, but you get the chance to give back to the people donating. I thought this might be a great way to entice people to donate.
So far the going has been slow, but with a cutoff date of the 27th of January 2011, I am positive I can reach my goal. There are some pretty good rewards out there for people to donate for. From prints to tickets to a gallery show, even a book of the 12th Man project.
I would like to come back in a months time and update Snapper Stuff with positive news, but to make that happen I need you help:


You can also follow Joe’s progress on the 12th Man project on twitter here: @12thManProject

We will update you on Joe’s fundraising progress just after 27th January 2011.

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