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Multimedia is a conglomeration of different content forms and techniques used to convey a story or an idea. With the advent of cameras that have the ability to capture not only still images but also record video and audio, photographers have an additional tool to enrich the way stories are told. The HD Video DSLR has created a new niche within the photography industry.

To aid in your exploration of this emerging form of storytelling, we have a released for free download the Think Tank Multimedia DSLR Buyers Guide.  Within this guide, we have compiled equipment that  will enrich the power of multimedia storytelling.
The buyers guide is broken up into six sections:  cameras, lenses, microphones, recording, bags, and accessories.  Each section features gear designed specifically for or compatible with shooting with HD Video DSLRs.   Within each you will find a short description of the gear, the price range, and links to more detailed product information.

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